Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Trees for life

Grillou is, quite literally, lost in the woods. Everywhere you look, there are trees: willow, ash, alder, chestnut, hornbeam, holly, wild plum, apple, pear, oak ... Living here is like being rooted in the heart of the forest itself. It's impossible not to feel a deep connection to the trees, the land, the earth itself. There isn't a point at which Grillou ends and the woodland starts: the trees are a part of us: they are our neighbours, our community, involved in our day to day life.

Trees give our home and land its very particular energy: ancient, knowing, powerful and bizarrely content. They watch over us. They mark the turning of the seasons. They shelter all kinds of birds and other wildlife.

Ancient myths speak of oak tree spirits that watch over those living close by. Our two old oak trees stand like silent sentinels, guardians of the place and its people. Working in the garden today, I couldn't take my eyes off them, or my energy away from them.

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Mike said...

Lucky you! Roll on spring!

In Australia our trees are being ravaged by bush fires. Good to know that enchantment still exists.