Saturday, 12 February 2011

Stylish? Moi?

Not a word usually uttered in connection with yours truly, especially at the moment when every day is spent in clothes that are multi-coloured with limewash and stiff with tile cement, but my fellow blogger Sandee, who writes (and far more diligently than I do) a lovely rambling blog called, appropriately, Sandee's Ramblins, has just passed on to me something called the Stylish Blogger Award. I'm impressed, even if I think she might need a new pair of glasses ....

Said award, however, comes with a price on its head. I have to share seven random things about myself. So here goes.

1. Neither of my names bear any relation to those given me by my parents: my first name Kalba was given to me by an Indian mystic; my second, Meadows, I chose for myself.

2. Grillou is the twentieth house I've lived in during my lifetime.

3. I actually quite like French television.

4. I am the World's Worst Facebooker. I have an account; I even have friends. But I've never posted and rarely remember to log on.

5. When I'm slogging up a steep mountain slope on a hot day I often have a vision of an ice cold can of Coca Cola just in front of me, even though I don't like the stuff.

6. I love Marmite.

7. I am fascinated by language, and languages. When I was seventeen I spent a summer in Finland and tried to learn Finnish but finally gave up, beaten by (amongst other things) the fifteen noun cases.

There. That's pretty random, huh? Now, the second thing I'm supposed to do is to pass on the award to 15 other bloggers. That might take a while, as at the moment I rarely have time to read other blogs (I know, I know). But watch this space.

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