Friday, 13 May 2011

One of those weeks

It's been one of those weeks.

Monday. Car goes to local garage (40 minutes walk back and there) for annual service.

Tuesday. Car has developed  flobalobalobalob type rattle underneath. Back to local garage who predict a loose engine cover (almost every Citroen has got one. We lost one altogether once, on the autoroute). Collect car. Still flobalobalobalob-ing merrily.

Wednesday. Back to local garage. Take technician for a ride. Instantly and without looking he diagnoses worn suspension hangers, or some such thing. Amazingly, in spite of ultra-rural location, part arrives by lunchtime; job done by 4.30pm. Collect car. Rattle ceased. But ....

While driving car home attacked by flying stone on the only 250 metres of route with oncoming traffic. Nothing visible at first. 4 minutes later large crack has appeared in windscreen. Phone Carglass (Carglass répare! Carglass remplace! Ah ... the power of advertising ....). Answer 1001 questions relating to colour of car workers underpants when he installed windscreen in 2003 and what he ate for breakfast that day. Discover that only local-technician-who-does-callouts is occupied until sometime in next millenium. Fix appointment for next day at nearest Carglass agency, in Toulouse.

Thursday. Drive to Toulouse. It's 32 degrees. Spend 3 hours walking round commercial centre while windscreen replaced. Wilt. Drive home. No rattle. No crack. New (free) windscreen wipers. Bliss.

And found this in my emails, sent by friend. Usually ignore/delete these round robin 'funnies'. For once, didn't.

There's a car upside down in the water. See the guy standing on it?

Could have been a worse week, it seems.

Today: Friday 13th. All goes swimmingly. Hmm.


Joke said...

Hope,next time you are at the local garage, you will give us a buzz to drive you home and vice versa to collect the car. Unless you like the walk of course. But what if it is raining.........

Kalba Meadows said...

Thank you Joke! Will do, especially if it's raining!