Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dastardly doings down here in the woods ...

For the last couple of years we've been experiencing some strange phenomena here at Grillou (and no, I don't mean the builders). In a nutshell, things disappear, and then they reappear again, usually in exactly the same place from which they disappeared.

You might, as I did for quite some time, put this down to normal absentmindedness. I mean, everybody loses things from time to time, don't they? Even me, in spite of being anal-retentive-obsessive-compulsive about everything having its place. But I know now that that's not what's going on.

It started with my clothes. First of all a pair of my favourite brown jeans disappeared along with a pink tee shirt. I turned the house upside down. John turned the house upside down. Several times. They were nowhere. Six months later, both items reappeared in the exact places from which they'd disappeared. Other items of clothing did the same thing. Only ever mine, never John's.

Last week, quite by accident while having a big rubbish removal session, I found a vital part for attaching a half-pedestal to its washbasin that had been missing since last October. We'd spent tens of hours searching for it, and finally ended up ordering a new part from Villeroy & Boch. There it was, at the bottom of a huge  box, underneath a huge pile of old sheets and blankets. The box was underneath several other boxes on the first floor of one of our barns. All the boxes had been stored there, untouched, for two years.

Nearly three years ago, I lost a pair of prescription sunglasses. I knew exactly where I'd last worn them: on a chilly October Saturday when we'd gone to the market in St Girons and on to have lunch at a restaurant on the quay, where I changed into normal glasses. When I got home, my sunglasses were nowhere to be found. Having checked back with the restaurant and turned the house upside down (again) I decided they must have fallen out of the car, and reluctantly wrote them off. Today, I found them. They were in my laptop bag. Only problem is, I've only owned that bag for a year. It probably wasn't even manufactured when my glasses disappeared.

Now this is all getting fascinating, but a bit bizarre. It's not however, unheard of: a quick Google produced something called Disappearing Object Phenomenon, which seems to happen to a surprising number of people. So what's going on? Is it some kind of paranormal activity? Is Grillou home to what Native Americans call the Little People, a race of spirits who you may sometimes glimpse just out of the corner of your eye and are here to teach us Big People lessons - such as not taking life too seriously, for example. Or is there some kind of dimensional shift going on? A crack in the fabric of spacetime? Parallel universes? Or some other kind of quantum phenomenon - a change from particle to wave mode, for instance? Or photons suddenly vibrating at a different rate so that an object becomes temporarily invisible, or dematerialises-rematerialises?

Or am I just losing the plot altogether? Where's Doctor Who when you need him?


the devolutionary said...

One of my favourite subjects, though I have no direct experience. I've asked my nearest expert and she feels it's probably a previous resident. It doesn't sound malevolent and is a bit attention seeking. They're probably a bit bored. I've heard about this kind of thing before but don't know exactly what to do. If you know or meet an experienced psychic in the next few days, I'd be tempted to ask them to have a look.

Kalba Meadows said...

Interesting, I've wondered about it being a previous resident. Another odd thing was when we had a builder knocking a huge hole in a stone wall to make an opening (wall was once an outside wall and is nearly a metre thick) he got quite spooked one day and said he'd felt 'something there' .... I find the whole thing fascinating and would like nothing more than to 'meet' whoever it might be that is playing games!