Thursday, 29 April 2010

Aaaargh ....

I am

pigged off by pigments
left cold by Castorama
livid about lime
grounded by gravel
trodden down by Tridome
sunk by sand
beaten by Bricodepot
pee'd off with paint
burnt out by Bricoman
done in by making decisions
bored with Mr Bricolage
defeated by dust
miffed at Leroy Merlin
crevée by cement
irked by IKEA
tired of tiles
demented by dirt
all done with Tout Faire.

I don't want builders' hands
I don't want dust everywhere
I don't want my garden to be invaded by tools and machinery
I don't want to keep spinning plates
I don't want 80% of my house to be a builders' yard
I don't want the other 20% to be a tip because I don't have time to take care of it
I don't want every shopping trip to be for 'materials'
I don't want to keep taking three steps forward and two and a half back.

I just want to sit in my garden
And listen to the birds
And weed and plant and hoe and look after my vegetables
And go for walks with the dog
And read a book
And go to the sea
And cook interesting things
And go shopping for ordinary things.

Rant over.

This too will pass.


Margaret Lawrenson said...

You've done brilliantly. I would have felt like that approximately a year ago in your shoes. And thrown in the towel.

misplacedperson said...

Renovating a house, are we? :-D

Kalba Meadows said...

Whatever gave you that idea, misplacedperson?